Your Guide To Promise Rings

Promise rings are used to symbolize various kinds of commitment, but it’s usually to announce an upcoming engagement. While most couples use a promise ring for symbolizing the intention of getting married, others simply wear a ring to reflect the special bond they feel for each other.


Promise rings are used to symbolize love and commitment between two persons



Silver Buckle Promise Ring

Promise rings are also called pre-engagement rings. It has been a sign of love and affection that has it’s roots in the medieval times. As far back as the 16th century, in England, they were in use and very popular with the richer layer of the society. Wearing these rings was a symbol to demonstrate fidelity and loyalty to your significant other.

How did the tradition of promise rings come to exist?

In the past, if a man couldn’t get married, but still wanted to symbolize his intentions for getting married, he would buy a promise ring for the girl. The pre-engagement ring symbolized a promise, until he had sufficient financial means to afford a proper wedding and to support a family. For this reason, traditionally only ladies were given such rings. This one-sided tradition already started to change in the 20th century, when it became not uncommon for ladies to present their future husband with a similar gift.



Double Hearth Promise Ring Sterling Silver Yellow Plated

Promise rings are worn on the ring finger of the left hand especially if it is meant to be a pre-engagement ring, but it can be worn on either hand on any of the fingers as well. At the end of the day, whatever hand or finger you choose to wear it on depends on the individual as there are no rules regarding the right finger that it should be worn on. Some people can also wear their promise ring on a chain round their neck or they can wear it as a charm on their bracelet.


Promise rings are traditionally designed with a heart style, although nowadays they come in various designs. There are a lot of styles and designs of promise rings available for you to choose from. Think of the person you intend to give the ring to and find out what closely suits their style as this will enable you to choose the right style and design. 

The kind of commitment the promise ring is meant to signify will also determine the style and design you end up choosing. There are promise rings with bright colors – such as ruby rings – or you can opt for a more traditional approach with a vintage style ring.  Apart from the heart design, other themes include intertwined designs, Tanzanite rings and aquamarine rings.

It is not expensive to buy a promise ring and they usually cost less than engagement rings. Promise rings are usually produced with materials that are not too expensive such as sterling silver, Palladium or 9 carat Gold. If you are financially buoyant and you don’t mind spending a lot of money on a promise ring, you can purchase a real golden promise ring, or opt for the ones that have diamonds or other precious gemstones.


Promise Rings Symbolize Commitment And Usually Announce An Upcoming Wedding