How to take care of aquamarine rings?


Unique blue shade gemstone used to make aquamarine rings

Aquamarine rings are very beautiful and the gem’s blue appearance makes it stand out. Cleaning it on a regular basis will ensure the rings last long and helps to maintain its special glow. If you like to maintain their original beauty, here are some steps you can follow to properly take care of your aquamarine rings.


Sterling Silver Oval Aquamarine Ring

  • When wearing your aquamarine rings you need to be careful. You have to know when, how and where to wear them. For instance you should wear your aquamarine rings only after you have completed your makeup and putting on perfume because they contain some chemicals that can damage your rings.
  • While cleaning at home, doing gardening work or any kind of manual work, it will be good to remove your aquamarine rings. Aquamarine stones can break or crack if they are hit by an object or if you suddenly and mistakenly hit it against an object.
  • Also try and avoid your aquamarine rings being exposed to a lot of sunlight as the stones usually become faint and pale spoiling their beauty and shine. Also when going for a swim ensure you take of your ring as the chlorine in the water can affect its luster.

When it comes to cleaning your aquamarine rings it will be a good idea for you to visit your jeweler at least once a year to get professional cleaning for the rings. The jeweler is in the best position to know if the rings are damaged and will be able to correct them on time making them to always look their best.

Tips on how to clean aquamarine rings yourself

There are some things you can do by yourself while at home to clean and take care of your aquamarine rings. Try and follow these steps

Oval Pear-Shape-aquamarine-Ring Gemstone

Pear Shape Aquamarine Ring and Diamond Accents

  • Every time after wearing your aquamarine rings, ensure you clean them by using a cloth that is soft. Remove any makeup, sweat particles and ensure the cloth used is not a hard material as this can scratch the surface of the rings.
  • Soak your aquamarine rings in slightly warm water with liquid soap and leave for some time. Later you can start cleaning them one by one with a soft brush until all dirt or spots are removed. Do not use a hard brush as this can graze the stone. When cleaning ensure it is done on a surface that is flat or on the table and not in a sink to avoid it rolling down the drain.
  • People are usually advised to use materials such as acetone, alcohol, ammonia and toothpaste as cleaning agents for rings but this should not be done as these materials can damage the surface of the aquamarine rings which may need you seeking professional help to repair the damage.

When it comes to storing you aquamarine rings you need to be careful as improper storage methods can damage them. Make sure they are stored and kept in a soft material or fabric to avoid grazing and scratches.

If these steps are followed and you handle your aquamarine rings carefully, you can be rest assured that you will able to have them around for a very long time.


Rough Gemstone Used in Aquamarine Rings