How to determine the value of emerald rings?


Emerald rings are distinguished by their green color gemstone.

Determining the value of emerald rings involves two major processes. The most important valuing the gemstones, and after that the worth of the over all finishing. This is especially important with regards to the metal that was used, like silver or gold.

Valuing an emerald stone is based on four major characteristics which are clarity, cut, color and weight. Among these characteristics, color is the most vital with clarity not far behind.



Pear-Shape Emerald Ring

Emerald stones with less and fewer visible imperfections and internal flaws are considered more valuable than others with larger and more pronounced natural defects like lines, dark spots and others. The precise clarity grade can be known by using a microscope but you can get an idea or an estimate of the clarity of the stone by looking at how clean it is and comparing it with other emerald rings.


The cut is an essential aspect of emerald rings, this is primarily because emeralds are cut to maximize their color intensity and unlike diamonds, there are no laid down procedures for their cut proportions.


Generally, the more the color intensity of the emerald, the more valuable the emerald rings will be. An emerald stone that has a faint, pale shade will be less expensive than one that a more saturated color. The most valuable emerald stones are mostly the ones that have a green intense color with some darkness which go a long way in making emerald rings expensive.


The value of an emerald stone is affected by the carat weight in the following manner, the larger the stone, the more its price per carat will be. For example a 5-carat emerald stone will be five times more expensive than a 1-carat emerald stone. This is mainly due to the fact that bigger stones are harder to find and get and are rare and will therefore attract higher prices than smaller ones making some emerald rings much more expensive than other ones.

There is one more factor that affects the prices of emerald rings which is whether the stone is synthetic or natural. Natural emeralds are more expensive because they are rare while synthetic emeralds though possessing the same chemical components like natural ones are much cheaper.



Sterling Silver and Oval Emerald Ring

Emerald rings are normally made with platinum or gold which could be white or yellow. If the emerald rings are yellow or white what you should find out if it is karat and divide the number by 24 which gives you the amount of pure gold contained in the ring. To determine the emerald rings value you will have to check the market price for gold per unit of weight. Determining the value of platinum follows the same process.

Though determining the value of emerald rings through these methods will give you an idea of their cost, it is advisable in situations where you need an exact figure you get it appraised by a professional who will charge you a fee and provide you with an official document. It is worth nothing though that what you and your appraiser value your emerald rings to be is most likely to be more than what any dealer or jeweler will offer.