Pink diamonds or white diamonds: What is better for an engagement ring?


Pink Diamond Engagement rings Are made of One Of The Most Expensive Diamond color shade

Pink diamonds engagement rings have become a popular choice for engagement rings, instead of the traditional white diamond solitaire ring. This is because people are now on the lookout for something different and extraordinary. These days, many colors of diamond rings and different shapes and styles are available to choose from, depending on your taste. Giving your partner a pink diamond engagement ring is a lovely way of showing how much you love the person, as the ring stands for romance, love and femininity.



Pink Diamond Engagement Ring


Pink diamonds are colored diamonds and they come in different hues. They are one of the rarest stones that exist in the world and their pink color is a result of some abnormalities and chemical impurities that exist in their structure. Most pink diamonds are gotten from the Argyle mine in Australia. To buy your pink diamond engagement rings, make sure you have an idea of the color intensity and the size you want to buy as they will be the deciding factor on how much you will end up paying for the ring.


The primary color of a pink diamond is pink but there are also secondary colors for the diamond. They include orange pink, purple pink and brown pink. While orange and purple are highly valued, the yellow and brown are always of lesser value. Pink diamond engagement rings without secondary coloring is always more expensive than the ones with secondary colors.

The pink engagement ring you buy must have a gemological certificate such as a GIA certificate with details of 4C’s. From the description in the certificate you got, you will know the amount of the secondary color that exist in your diamond. If there is an enhancement technique used on the stone, it will be stated but note that it will reduce the price greatly.

A pink diamond can be described as Fancy Deep Pink, Fancy Vivid Pink, Fancy Dark Pink, Fancy Pink, Fancy Intense Pink, Fancy Light Pink, Light Pink, Faint Pink and Very Light Pink.



Radiant Cut Pink Diamond Engagement Ring


The flaws in pink diamonds do not often show because of its color. Nonetheless, pink diamonds that have lesser flaws are expensive. The pink diamonds in the VS and VVS category are very expensive because they are cleaner than the ones in the SI1-SI2 category. Some of the stones in this SI1-SI2 category are also reasonably clean and the inclusions in them might not be visible to the naked eyes.


The cut of the diamond is a measure of the quality of the cut, brilliance and how much light it reflects. In colored diamonds, they are not cut for their best sparkle and brilliance but for their best color.

On a final note, take your time to choose the setting and the metal you want for your pink diamond engagement rings. This is because the setting and color of the metal will determine how beautiful the ring will be.


Traditionally White Diamonds Are Used More Commonly Than Pink Diamonds In Engagement Rings