What is a ruby ring?


Ruby rings can be distinguished by their bright shades of red color.

Ruby rings symbolize romance and it is viewed as one of the most romantic of all precious


Ruby Ring with oval 10x8mm Diamond Gemstone

gemstones. In many cultures, it symbolizes good fortune. Ruby rings are red in color and can come in various shades of red such as dark red, turquoise and translucent pink. The rubies with a vibrant red color of a deep shade are often the most attractive ones to behold. Ruby rings are a very popular choice among people who want to buy engagement rings. It is a member of the corundum mineral family and when the color of the corundum is red, it is called ruby. 


In the olden days, ruby was referred to as “the king of gems”. A lot of people then believed that it represented a lot of things such as the sun, romance, happiness, courage, integrity, devotion, prosperity and generosity. Some legend even had it that warriors would also put it beneath their skins for bravery when they go to war, as they believed that it was capable of giving them some form of warnings of impending dangers and disaster. In some cultures, it was used to cure various diseases when it is ground into fine powder and placed under the tongue.


The color of ruby is measured using three criteria which are hue, tone and saturation.

The hue denoted where ruby falls under in the color spectrum. Ruby has a primary and secondary color, while the primary color is usually red; the secondary color can be purple, pink or orange. Ruby is usually more valuable if it has a strictly red color.

The tone of ruby refers to how dark or light the shade is. The ones that have very good quality usually have a medium or medium dark tone. A ruby that is too light will be too faint and might be mistaken for a pink sapphire while it will be difficult to make out the color of one that is too dark.

The saturation of ruby refers to how intense its color is. The one with a more intense or strong color is regarded as more precious. Rubies that glow in ultraviolet light also have high saturation.



Russian Style Former USSR Ruby Rings

There is no objective system for grading colored gemstones; therefore gemologists make use of master stones to contrast the hues, tones and saturations of gemstones.


Clarity is the size, number, location, color and the quality of imperfection in the gemstone. A 10x magnification is used by gemologists to get a magnified view of what is inside the stone. It is however not used for colored gemstone, rather it is viewed with naked eyes to ensure that it is clean of inclusions. The better the clarity of a ruby ring, the more expensive it is. Rubies that are natural always contain a varying degree of inclusion and if that can’t be found in them, they have either been treated or they are synthetic.


A quality cut reveals the true glow of ruby though it is not graded on cut quality like diamonds. In cutting ruby, a gem cutter should maximize color and carat weight, minimize inclusions and be mindful of the shape that consumers want.


Simulated Ruby Ring with Cubic Zirconia accents