What exactly is a tanzanite ring?


Rare East-African Rough Gemstone Used To Make Tanzanite Rings

Tanzanite is a rare gemstone which is a crystalline form of the mineral zoisite. These zoisite crystals are formed in the vanadium, a malleable grayish silver metal. The only place where it is found in the world is Tanzania, near Mt. Kilimanjaro. To get the beautiful bluish color of the stone, it is heat treated to remove the impurities in it. It is the second most popular gemstone with a blue color after sapphire.


Sterling Silver Oval Tanzanite Ring


Tanzanite is a top-selling stone and the United States is the buyer of approximately 80% of all mined tanzanite. Most of it weighs less than five carats with the ones that are heavier being very rare. The small gems are cut into small pieces for creating commercial jewelry including tanzanite rings while the ones with colors that of top grade are often bought by investors, collectors and museums. They are also used in making designer or other special pieces.


Rough Gemstone is extracted from underground mines to make tanzanite rings


It is a gemstone that can scratch easily in comparison to diamond and sapphire, therefore tanzanite rings has to be cared for specially. It should not also be exposed to chemicals that are considered harsh. Steam cleaning and ultra-sonic cleaning should not also be used for it. It is best for making pendants, earrings and other items that will not encounter abrasion.

Tanzanite has a hardness of 6.5 to 7.0 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. Thus, if it is fashioned into a ring, the hardness cannot easily withstand normal wear as it is vulnerable to being scratched. What can be done to avert this problem is to ensure that the setting of your tanzanite rings is designed in such a way that the gemstone will be protected from abrasion.

Tanzanite can become broken or chipped if it gets a harsh impact because it has one direction of perfect cleavage. The design of the settings of the tanzanite ring can also be done in such a way that the gemstone is protected or the owner has to remove it when engaging in activities that can destroy the stone.


The color of tanzanite is the most important factor in determining its value. It occurs in a range of different tones and color saturation. If you like blue

gems then it might be appealing to you. There are a range of colors such as light blue, vivid blue, violet blue and


Oval Tanzanite Ring With Diamond Accent

purplish blue which makes it widely appealing to people who buy it. Tanzanite is a desirable gemstone that people buy because it is similar to sapphire but comes at a lower price. Some people will also prefer to go for natural tanzanite at a lower price instead of a lab-created sapphire that comes with a lower price.



Tanzanite is not an easy gemstone to cut as the cutters must be highly skilled in knowing how to cut it so that the finished product will have a maximum face-up blue color. Once that has been determined the next step is to see if changing the orientation of the cut will produce a larger stone with a second-quality color that can sell at a higher price.


Tanzananite Rings Confection Process