How to clean and take care of turquoise rings?



Yellow Gold Oval Turquoise Ring

Turquoise is highly regarded and valued in several traditions and cultures and is often used in rings, other jewelry items and other items used for decorative purposes. The natural stone makes turquoise rings look fascinating making them a good choice for many people.


Different color Stones Used in Turquoise Rings

Turquoise is a natural stone and can be found in beautiful shades of green and blue and each stone is well defined. Normally turquoise rings are generally not too difficult to clean due to the fact that it is a natural stone. Turquoise stones are sensitive to several chemicals used for cleaning such as soaps.

Turquoise rings with silver


Turquoise Rings Different Shades Of Green And Blue

A lot of turquoise rings are made of silver while there are some that are made of gold or gold plated silver. Gold turquoise rings do not require a lot of care but on the other hand silver turquoise need a bit more care or else they can be easily damaged.

Making sure you clean your turquoise rings regularly probably like once every week if you wear them every day will help keep the ring looking good and beautiful. Below are some tips on how you can clean your turquoise rings and keep them protected.

  • Dampen a clean toothbrush with soft brittles in clean water. No cleaning product should be added to the toothbrush or water when you are cleaning your turquoise rings as chemicals can lead to them getting damaged.

  • Scrub the surface of the turquoise rings gently with the brush. Wash the brush under running water and then go ahead and clean gently the silver or gold part of the turquoise rings. When cleaning the turquoise rings do not leave them to soak in water as the turquoise stone is porous and can take in liquid.

  • After washing the turquoise rings, dry them with a soft towel. Any water left in the ring may make the turquoise rings dull and may taint the silver or gold. To avoid this, you can leave the turquoise rings outside to let the air dry them out after using the towel to make sure they get dried.


    White Gold and 3 Stones Oval Turquoise Ring


  • When dried you can polish the turquoise rings especially the metal parts with a jewelry polish cloth. Make sure you do not use hard materials or chemicals that are not suitable on the metal parts as they might touch the stone.

  • In situations where you are unable to find a jewelry polishing cloth to clean the turquoise rings, then you have to look for a microfiber polishing cloth which is tightly woven to polish the metal parts of the ring.

  • Another aspect of taking care of your ring is how you store it as this can help prevent your turquoise rings from getting tainted, scratched or damaged. To achieve this, whenever you are not wearing your turquoise rings keep them in a jewelry box that is lined with a fabric material.

  • To prevent any damage to your turquoise rings remove them before you take your bath, when you go swimming or when you are working at home using cleaning chemicals.

  • Try and avoid your turquoise rings hitting hard surfaces as this can crack the stone as well as damage the metals prongs that set the stone in place.